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Hi everybody, on the offer is a room in my apartement which consists of a little balcony, a quite large kitchen, the hallway, a modern bathroom and two rooms – One for you and one for me :-)

Since there is no actual living room, my room can be used as a living room if you like – For example the TV (a really good one) is here.

Your room is located to the back of the house, but since we are living in one of the upper floors, its really bright and not dark at all.

All the furniture that can be seen on the pics is available for your room – So the place is fully furnished. However, if you like, you can of course buy your own stuff and move things around or do whatever.

As already mentioned, the flat has a kinda small but really modern bathroom. The kitchen is also pretty well equipped – For example, amongst a bunch of other stuff, there is a really great juicer. Unfortunately there is no dish washer though :-(

As mentioned, there is a balcony, but it is a really small one and I don't consider the thing to be very useful (see pictures)


The flat is located ideally in a really quiet lane, only a one minute walk away from Ebertplatz and only a few seconds away from Neusser Straße, which has nice bars and cafes all over the place. The entire quarter is very popular – Lots of students and graduates are living here.

I gotta say its really great living here – E.g., there is a quite cheap and good bakery right at the corner to Neusser Straße, where you can buy sandwiches or rolls for breakfest every morning. Also, only a walking minute away, you’ll find a Supermarket (Rewe), a drug store, a bank and a print shop, which is great if you’re a student and want to print out some stuff. So pretty much everything you could possibly want is really close by.

The Ebertplatz is one of colognes most important public transportation hubs – Subway trains as well as busses can take you in any direction right from there. You can get to the university of cologne within 15 minutes, and you can go straight to KISD without even changing trains. Also, the subway can take you to the central station in two minutes, even though you could also simply walk there in five to ten minutes. There are subway trains like every five minutes or so, so you’ll never have to wait long, and the trains are going 24-7. Popular parks are also really close by, and with the bike you can get to Colognes biggest cinema within three to five minutes.

However, the best aspect regarding the location is the Rhine river, which can be reached by foot in three to five minutes – If you’re into running and/or like to have a nice little walk every now and then, this is the place. Down by the river you have a great view across the city, and especially in the evening it is simply fabulous. Right across the river there is the Rheinpark, a public park with a stone beach which is probably the best location for BBQ in cologne. You can reach that place by bike in like five to eight mins. There, you can also find the Tanzbrunnen (a concert location) and a beach club.

Btw., included in the rent is a really good girls bicycle, so you can get around

But now I also have to mention the worst thing about the flat – It does not have a washing machine. There is a laundry place like 300 meters away, which is really clean and has at least the one advantage that for some reason your clothes come out of the dryers there without wrinkles.


I'm a 25 years old engineering student studying at the RFH. I'm a rather quiet, easy going guy - So I'm not exactly a party guy, while I of course wouldnt mind if you're starting up a party once in a while.

Oh yeah: In general, there are mostly young people living in the house, so every now and then a party on the weekend is not gonna be a problem, as long as you inform the people beforehand and don't absolutely overdo it on this one (the place is no club after all).


The rent includes all the costs, such as electricity, heating, water & WiFi.

If you have any question, just write me a mail and I'll get back to you :-P

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